Affiniti Stream is an online venture capital technology platform dedicated to idenitify and invest in successful companies led by diverse founders and founding teams, and deepening investor participation by providing a unique resource to both investors and emerging fund managers through our platform. Over the last four years, our founding partners have deliberately carved out a unique path and career supporting investors and entrepreneurs.

People of color and women entrepreneurs as a group do not receive adequate funding primarily due to the poor transmission of capital from potential investors and the lack of diverse early stage fund managers. At Affiniti VC, we've set out to change this narrative through action, in order to build the foundation for a future with broader economic prosperity. We are investing in diversity for financial returns, in recognition of the fast growing investment opportunities led by diverse founders and founding teams. Every day, we meet with the top diverse founders and founding teams from across the United States, tracking their performance and investment rounds. Nationally, we are partnering with angel groups and affinity networks to provide investor education, deal syndication and structuring support to create new models of capital distribution.

In 2017, Yvonne Oriaku and Chinedu Enekwe teamed up to co-found Affiniti Financial upon the belief black and brown founders of all genders create innovative companies and products that ignite our economy. We all stand to benefit when the perspectives and skills of women and men are brought to bear.

Chinedu Enekwe
  • 10+ years raising capital and structuring private equity funds for entities including healthcare technology; past experience includes Merrill Lynch, The World Bank, GE Capital & Swiss RE Global Infrastructure Partners fund formation
  • Early stage investor in companies within education technology and fintech software
  • Co-Founder/Advisor, tiphub, Diaspora Demo Accelerator advising over 37 startup companies since 2014 which raised over $5 Million in after program funding
  • Featured Speaker: Straight Talk Africa (VOA), Africa Business Forum, Wharton, UPenn
Yvonne Oriaku
  • 10+ years experience with Wall Street and international firms structuring compliance programs for private and public companies; past experience includes JP Morgan and Lufthanza
  • Former compliance manager and early stage investor
  • Expert on women investors nationally & globally; strategic advisor to numerous wealth management firms
  • Founder and CEO, Sandalwood Vacation Properties
  • Advisor, Diaspora Demo Entrepreneurs